Alexandra Stan

Alexandra Stan

Location RO
Genre POP
Agent România: Cristi Ochiu
Internațional: Mădălin Moga

Alexandra Stan made her debut with “Lollipop” single, putting a trail of her worldwide success at the end of 2009. The second one, „Mr. Saxobeat” (2011) was the key to international success, conquering music charts from 20 countries.

“Mr.Saxobeat” was number one in the most important musical chart of the world, Billboard, for 6 weeks. It sold over a million copies in less than a year and because the video has surpassed 200 million views, she won the trophy YouTube Music Awards.

The song created a worldwide obsession in just two months and reached first place in “Romanian Top 100”. The song never left the first place for 8 weeks, unprecedented performance. It was a hit and stepped on the first position in charts – Italy, Denmark, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. The song was on the first place in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for 20 weeks.

The song brought her various awards. Alexandra won the Platinum Disc in Australia, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden. Alexandra was the star of the Romanian Music Awards 2011 edition, where she won the “Best Dance” and “Best Song” awards.

She was nominated for Best European Act at 2011 MTV European Music Awards, after winning Best Romanian Act.

After achieving such an epic success, the long-awaited moment arrived: the launch of her debut album, entitled “Saxobeats”!

After the success with “Mr Saxobeat”, two other hits followed, “Get Back (ASAP)” and “1,000,000”, which were also on first positions in the charts around the world.

In 2012, she released “Lemonade”, the song which recorded almost 50 million views on YouTube in less than 10 months. After that came “Cliché (Hush Hush)” and a year later the single “All My People”, which had all the chances to become a hit, if the incident with her manager in June 2013 would have not prevented its promotion.

After a few months of silence, Alexandra Stan returned to music scene with a new single, “Thanks for leaving”, released in April 2014.

Recently, Alexandra had a huge success in Japan, where she reached 1st place in music charts after two hours from releasing the new single “Cherry Pop”. She also reached 1st place in other 3 categories: “best album”, “best song” and “best video” with “Dance”.

After being in Japan for four times promoting her Japanese Edition of Unlocked, Alexandra continued to impress the audience with her new album in Europe, especially in Turkey, Spain and Italy.


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