Location RO
Genre DJ
Agent Cristi Ochiu
Bogdan Niță

I believe that music is free therapy for mind, heart and spirit! A bold tagline that perfectly matches the vibe generated by Tuliana Luciu aka Lucille.

She got the taste of the stage performances right from her teen years, starting her own girl band at the age of 14: music productions, concerts, music videos… From here to an acting career was just a small step for Lucille.

At the age of 19 she was already casted in TV series and full lenght movies. It was around that time when she started to feel attracted by the TV spotlights, co-presenting shows with a huge audience, from Dancing With Stars to Asia Express.

Being an actress-tv presenter and cover girl for major international magazines – Lucille embodies what is a full artist not just a DJ.

Boosting an audience over 200k Across TikTok and instagram – surely showcases her wide exposure across social channels and an audience that truly enjoys following her on her musical journey.

But the love for music was still boiling Lucille’s blood. She took every chance she got to express this love, spending countless hours in the studio to produce music, while traveling around the world as a DJane and live performer, from Monaco to Dubai.

Now it’s time to discover this unique passion & energy inside Lucille. An energy spiced by House, Afro house, Oriental and Deep House influences.

Stay tuned if you want to discover Lucille in her private comfort zone, in the DJ booth!


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