Nicole Cherry

Nicole Cherry

Location RO
Genre POP
Agent Bogdan Niță
Andrei Unguru

Nicole Cherry is a famous Romanian artist, songwriter and actress with a distinguished voice.

With multiple hits on the charts, Nicole has accomplished to become one of the top artists in Romania.

One of the most popular releases of her, “Florile tale” (2022) has been in heavy rotation in multiple playlists around all the streaming platforms, and in the top of the YouTube Romania trending for 2 weeks. The hit was #2 on Shazam Chart Romania, #6 on Apple Music Romania and #35 on Spotify Viral 50 Romania.

Nicole’s and NANE song “Silentios”(2022) hit #9 peak position in Top 10 Weekly Radio Charts Media Forest.

Recently, she had multiple massive hits like “Din cauza ta”(2023) and “Împreună separat” that have been for more than 10 weeks in Top 10 Weekly Radio Charts Media Forest.

“Nu mai consum” feat. Tata Vlad (2023) peaked at #1 for 16 weeks on the Top 10 Weekly Radio Charts by Media Forest followed by “Paharul sus” feat. Puya with 7 weeks in Top Weekly Radio Charts Media Forest, securing its place at #1.

Nicole Cherry’s electrifying presence and these chart-topping hits showcase her enduring impact on the music scene. Millions of views on YouTube, thousands of streams on digital platforms and top Social Media accounts, her singles are expected by the fans and gather lots of positive reactions.

Her debut single ”Memories” took Romania by surprise, went viral in the radio charts and YouTube and made her a promising star from the very beginning.

In her ten years of solo career, she had various collaborations with artists such as Mohombi, Joey Montana, Carla’s Dreams, NANE, Tata Vlad, Puya and many new rising artists of Romania.

Talented, hardworking and full of positive energy, Nicole Cherry has consolidated her career with the appearance in the Romanian comedy called “Romina VTM”, which had its premiere in January 2023. She is the main character of the comedy and had many songs as part of the official soundtrack. The movie had an overwhelming success, breaking the record of the most sold movie in pre-sales in Romania.

Moreover, at the moment, she is also part of the “Te Cunosc de Undeva” TV show. Nicole has a lot of new collabs coming and various projects ahead while she continues to be one of the most beloved Romanian artists.


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